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Welcome to the website of boat rental company “De Vlietlanden”.

Boat rental company “De Vlietlanden” is located at Bungalow park De Vlietlanden in Wervershoof, The Netherlands.

Boat rental company “De Vlietlanden” offers boat rental during the whole year. The boats are equipped with (4hp, 5hp, 6hp, 8hp en 9,9hp) petrol engines and travel at a maximum speed of 12 Km per hour. Therefore navigation licences are not required.

The possibilities are very extensive, you can go for the morning, the afternoon or the whole day. If you are accommodated at Bungalow park De Vlietlanden, it is also possible to rent a boat for several days or the duration of your stay. The boat will be moored at your bungalow’s jetti. For longer rental periods in the area, please register in advance.

All boats are suitable for both fishing as well as recreational sailing.

The wonderful  lakes “Groote Vliet” and “Kleine Vliet” are located directly adjacent to the bungalow park. It is also possible to make long trips through West Friesland by utilizing the numerous polder ditches. During your boat trip you will cross many small villages. In total there is over 540Km of waterways and fishing water in the area.

The lakes and polder ditches are an Eldorado for fisherman during autumn and the winter months. “Trollen”, a particular method of fishing for predatory fish in which the boat is used, is very popular and much practiced. Fishing with lifeless bait throughout the area is also allowed. During the spring and summer months fishing for whitefish is very popular.

An angling shop is co-located with the boat rental company. You will find everything you need in this shop to be well prepared when fishing for both predatory fish as well as whitefish; fishing equipment, worms, lifeless bait, fish forage, maize, “bolies”, etc.

Boat rental company “De Vlietlanden” is open 7 days a week from 09.00 to 18.00 and  is located at:

Bungalow park De Vlietlanden
Droge Wijmersweg 5 – 107
1693 HP Wervershoof

Boat Reservations via Mr René Gerritsen.
Telephone: 0031- 6-12164828.
E-mail: verhuur@bootverhuurdevlietlanden.nl

Droge Wijmersweg 5 - 107
1693 HP Wervershoof
Tel.: 0031 612164828
Dé site voor vissend Nederland.

Bungalowpark De Vlietlanden
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